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Online Dependent and Retiree ID Card Renewal / Replacement

This new option works for:
All Dependent ID Cards and Retiree ID Cards

Online Renewal / Replacement Instructions

  • Step 1. Fill out the Application to Renew form.

  • Step 2. For Dependent ID Cards ONLY, Retirees proceed to Step 3

    • Sponsor Certify the DD Form 1172 online:

      • Have the sponsor (CAC holder or Retirees can create a DS log-on) access the DMDC website to certify the DD Form 1172 for the dependent who is renewing his/her ID Card via the following Link: DMDC Website.

      • Once logged into DMDC, click "Replace ID Card" under appropriate Family Member. The
        system will notify you once the DD Form 1172 has been successfully submitted.

  • Step 3. Open AMRDEC SAFE and submit the following documents to:

          Customer Support --- 92 FSS/FSCS at

    • 1. Two supporting Identifications (2 forms of unexpired ID with the EXACT same name, Front Only) **If renewing for a dependent under age 18, no supporting docs required**

    • 2. Photo of Dependent or Retiree for the ID Card that has been taken within 7 days of submission (shoulders up, white/off white background, face well lit, photo no smaller than 5x7)

    • 3. Completed Application to Renew Form

    • 4. If ID Card was lost or stolen, you must also upload a memorandum from Security Forces stating the lost/stolen ID Card was reported

    • 5. Follow the AMRDEC prompts to verify your email address and submit your application.  Make sure to click the Encrypt email and FOUO under ‘Email Settings’

Note: Reference Supporting ID Reqs for additional guidance on supporting identifications and pictures.

  • Step 4. Pickup -- No Sponsor Needed!

The ID Card will be ready for pickup in 7 business days. You will be notified via email when your ID Card is ready. You MUST bring the original 2 supporting identifications used to create the ID Card with you upon pick-up. Please ensure that you provide the correct information on the Dependent Renewal Application (Ex. DoD ID / SSN) for fast service.

Please Note: Newly Widowed / DAV/ Initial Enrollment / ID for age 21 does not fall under the ID Card renewal process. These members must visit the MPF for service.

In-Person Appointments

Walk-ins are welcome but to reduce your wait time, appointments are highly recommended. To schedule an appointment, please visit the RAPIDS scheduler at