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What We Offer
Classes range from one day to four weeks long and are open to all DoD ID card holders. Fees should be paid at the time of registration for a class; Please note that the cost of materials may or may not be included, depending on the class. If you don’t have time for classes our experienced staff can produce most custom work or wood repairs.

Adult Education Woodworking
From beginner to journeyman woodworker, the environment at the Wood Craft Center is one of learning, experiencing and succeeding - a place where dreams can be transformed into articles of beauty and quality. Give us a couple weeks of your time and you’ll always have an idea for that perfect, personalized gift for the special someone in your life.
Fairchild's Wood Craft Center is a learning place, setting high standards in adult education while making woodworking a simple, economical and gratifying experience. It is available for use by active duty military, retired military, authorized DoD civilian employees and their respective families. This includes appropriated and non-appropriated civilian employees and family members. Once basic woodworking skills are acquired students have the lifelong ability to produce household furniture and products to use during their leisure.
The graduate of FAFB Wood Craft Program will have successfully produced finished products in each of the novice, intermediate and advanced courses and accomplished high standards of woodshop safety, cleanliness, orderliness and professional woodworking ethics.

Woodworking Novice (Beginning)

  1. Prerequisite: None
  2. Description: Entry level wood working course required for Wood Craft Center equipment qualification and prerequisite for most other classes. Course combines three projects; pen making, cutting board, and keepsake box. This is the first of a three-part series leading to the Adult Wood Shop Degree.
  3. Duration: 4 days a week for 2 weeks, Mon-Thu, 6-9pm
  4. Minimum/Maximum class size: 6/6
  5. Price: $200 – materials included

Woodworking Intermediate

  1. Prerequisite: Wood Working Novice course
  2. Description: In this course students learn the basics of cabinet making by building a single-drawer night stand. The student will construct a night stand incorporating concepts of drawer construction, joinery, planing, shaping, gluing and finishing. Students will learn the use of shop equipment and proper safety procedures. This is the second of a three-part series leading to the Adult Wood Shop Degree.
  3. Duration: 4 days per week for three weeks, Mon - Thu, 6-9pm.  (Monday shop open for registered students only). 
  4. Class size: Min - 6, Max – 10
  5. Price: $150 plus materials

Woodworking Advanced

  1. Prerequisite: Wood Working Novice course AND Wood Working Intermediate
  2. Description: Students will learn wood working plan design and modification along with advanced joinery techniques while building a chest of drawers with raised panel sides.  This course, taken in sequence with Woodworking Novice and Intermediate, qualifies the student for the Adult Woodshop Degree.
  3. Duration: 4 days per week for four weeks, Mon - Thu, 6-9pm.  (Monday shop open for registered students only). 
  4. Class size: Min - 6, Max – 10
  5. Price: $150 plus materials

 Woodworking Expert

  1. Prerequisite: Adult Wood Shop Degree
  2. This Class is for students who have completed Wood Working Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced and would like to continue with the advanced projects.
  3. Students will have the choice of an advanced cabinet or woodworking project to construct. Recommended projects include a china cabinet, gun cabinet, desks or tables. Students will progress to more detailed use of shop equipment and woodworking techniques.
  4. Students can arrange any schedule during the open hours of the Wood 
    Craft Center. The fee ($70 per month) is calculated for any 30 day period.

Adult Wood Craft Degree
Students completing Woodworking Novice, Intermediate and Advanced courses will receive a diploma in "Adult Woodworking" representing 140 hours of hands-on experience in contemporary wood shop. The degree stipulates that the graduate is skilled in techniques of cabinet-making, fine woodworking, joinery, sanding and finishing; that the graduate has working knowledge and experience in the use of wood shop tools and equipment including the table, radial, band, scroll, power and panel saws, hand jig and circular saws, wood lathe, jointer, planer, shaper and woodworking hand tools. It also states that the graduate has proven proficient in the production of wood products using a variety of joining methods including dowel, dado, rabbet, tongue and groove, biscuit, dovetail and cabinet door joints.

Other classes available periodically are:
Sign Making/ CNC Machine routing system
Advanced Keepsake Box Joinery
Simple Flag Box
Advanced Pen Making
Pedestal Bird Feeder
Outdoor Planter
Challenge Coin Display Case

Note: Tuition is paid at time of registration, which is done at the Wood Craft Center Office. Material costs are invoiced during the course.  All invoices are to be paid no later than the last day of the month.

Specials: 10% off tuition for second patron when couples apply for a class together.
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