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Free Parking

White painted lines and a sign with a “P” signify free parking. It is usually along a street or in a large public parking lot unless indicated otherwise (i.e. resident’s permit).

Limited Parking (FREE)

White painted lines and a sign with a “P” and a number such as 30’ or 60’ underneath means that parking is limited to 30 or 60 minutes. Use a “disco orario” to indicate when you parked, this is blue and white and has a clock face. Set the hands of the clock to indicate when you arrived. They may be purchased at most gas stations, department stores or at the Shoppette.

Pay Parking

Blue painted lines mean you must buy a ticket. Park your car then look for a blue box nearby with a large “P” on it. Parking usually costs more near the center of the town. Purchase as much time as you need by putting your money in the machine. Put the ticket inside your car on the dash. If you do not see the blue ticket machine, walk in the nearest bar. In some towns (for example parts of Conegliano) the bar attendants sell the parking tickets!

TIP: An easy way to figure out mileage: multiply kilometers by 6, then drop the last number. For example: 200 kilometers x 6 = 120 miles.

Shopping at the Weekly Markets

(Days and times are subject to change. During national holidays, the market may not be set up in certain towns)

Flea and Antique Markets

There are flea/antique markets in various towns around the base. The following is a detailed list of the monthly antique markets taking place from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. within the surrounding communities. Vendors sell clothing, furniture, art, household goods and more. Dates are subject to change. Contact Public Affairs to confirm market schedule at DSN 632-7555 or sign up for Wyvern Weekly.

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