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Create a new 2020 Vision of YOU!

Health and wellness is a journey filled with many small accomplishments and setbacks.Our intention is to help navigate you through the tough times, applaud your accomplishments and provide a bit of wisdom along the way.

To get you started think AMC:

A: Accountability: Take action!Commit yourself to the 90 day challenge

M: Move more! Start small! 20 minutes is all you have for the fitness center?Perfect! Let's start there! Additionally, make a few modification that focus on moving more throughout the day.

  • -Take the stairs
  • -Walk to an appointment,
  • -Take a walk during a break or lunch
  • -Park your car in the back of the parking lot
  • - Get up and stretch throughout the day

Realize these few suggestion will make you more productive during the day

C: Consistency: The first and most important step is simply showing up. Having a good program and knowing what to do is nice, but if you're not consistently following the program it means very little. So, first small step of the year…Be purposeful with your health and fitness goals.Commit to being consistence!!!


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