Earth Day 2020

EarthDay2020 Celebrate our beautiful planet!

Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970. It's been an important day around the world ever since. It's a day that the whole world reflects on our planet, our environment and what we can do to help keep them healthy!

Earth Day was a unified response to an environment in crisis — oil spills, smog, rivers so polluted they literally caught fire. 20 million Americans — 10% of the U.S. population in 1970 — took to the streets, college campuses and hundreds of cities to protest environmental ignorance and demand a new way forward for our planet.

The first Earth Day is credited with launching the modern environmental movement and is now recognized as the planet's largest civic event. What has Earth Day accomplished in 50 years?

  • The Environmental Protection Agency was established in 1970.
  • The Clean Air Act was passed in 1970 with only a handful of dissenting votes in both Houses of Congress.
  • The Federal Occupational Health and Safety Act aimed at 'In-plant Pollution' was passed by a coalition of labor and environmental groups.
  • The Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act were passed. 
The theme for Earth Day 2020 is climate action. Climate change represents the biggest challenge to the future of humanity and the life-support systems that make our world habitable.

Like everything else in our lives right now, Earth Day has all been impacted by COVID-19. But you don't need to leave home to celebrate Earth Day. Nature starts in your own home and backyard. What could you do at home to make a difference in our planet?

  • Make a call to action to share on social media with #EarthDayChallenge
  • Build a birdhouse or bird feeder
  • Pick up litter around your neighborhood, school, or church
  • Build a terrarium
  • Do an energy-friendly home assessment: plan to turn off lights, use LED bulbs, plan to recycle list, compost for organic waste
  • Plant a tree, garden or flower in the yard
  • Go on a nature scavenger hunt in your neighborhood for flowers, plants, trees
  • Create a nature collage

Over the 24 hours of Earth Day (12:01 am ET - 11:59 pm ET on April 22), you'll be able to tune into the Earth Day Network for global conversations, calls to action, performances, video teach-ins and more. The Earth Day Network will also be issuing a new call to action every hour for 24 hours so everyone can take environmental action all day long. 

Here are some Spokane sites that will be active for Earth Day 2020:

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