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Exercise Planning is Easy as F.I.T.T.

Are you having trouble with where to begin? Start with identifying a specific goal or goals and then use the F.I.T.T principals to establish your exercise plan

  • Frequency is the number of sessions in a week. This will vary depending on individual goals, but a good rule of thumb is 3-5 times per week
  • Intensity is how hard you plan to exercise and this can be used for both cardiovascular training and strength training. Intensity can very day-to-day and week-to-week
    • Light-intensity (able to talk comfortably while exercising)
    • moderate-intensity (is an activity that works up a sweat, but in which you're still able to talk comfortably)
    • vigorous-intensity (talking becomes difficult because of the need for heavier breathing Intensity)
    • High-Intensity (exercise can only be performed in short burst generally <60 at a time, rest is required between each set)
      • higher intensity should be used sparingly with beginners and our older population
  • Time of your training sessions should range from 30–60 minutes, but goals, frequency,intensity and types of exercise will all factor into the allotted time
  • Type of exercise should vary to prevent boredom and improve gains. You can do a combination of strength, cardiovascular, yoga and stretching.

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