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Looking for work can be stressful, that's why we recommend having a plan. Handing out resumes and making cold calls can be hard on your self-confidence, but being strategic about your job hunt can re-invigorate you and give you the motivation to keep going. Over the next several weeks we're going to offer some things you should try to do while you're looking for work:

Strategy #1 - Look for a job while you're still employed

Waiting until you're unemployed adds an additional layer of stress to your job hunt. If at all possible, do some research and make some inquiries while you're still employed. When speaking with colleagues or potential employers about your job search, be sure to mention that you'd like to keep things confidential--the last thing you want is for word to get back to your employer before you've found your next job.

We can also suggest apply for a job with Fairchild Air Force Base because all you need to do is click on and you may find the job that will meet your current job goals. Also check out the current NAF job listings below...

Child and Youth Program Assistant (Youth Center)
Job Announcement Number 20-4YFSYY837175
Control Number 556920100
Open 01/16/2020 Close 02/14/2020
Hiring Paths- The public

Maintenance Worker
Job Announcement Number 19-4YFSVL818897
Control Number 554750100
Open 12/18/2019 Close 03/17/2020
Hiring Paths- The public

Recreation Aid (Lifeguard)
Job Announcement Number 20-4YFSWO840933
Control Number 556930400
Open 01/14/2020 Close 04/14/2020
Hiring Paths- The public

Recreation Aid (Swim Instructor)
Job Announcement Number 20-4YFSWO840923
Control Number 556924500
Open 01/16/2020 Close 04/16/2020
Hiring Paths- The public

Custodial Worker
Job Announcement Number 20-4YFSVL850923
Control Number 557724000
Open 01/23/2020 Close 04/23/2020
Hiring Paths- The public


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