Wil's Health Recommendations

Ftiness-Positive-GettyImages-901324170 Wil's Healthy Recommendations

Do you need resources to assist you with your physical fitness (aerobic, strength, and flexibility)?

Visit: http://hprc-online.org/physical-fitness/training-exercise/exercise <http://hprc-online.org/physical-fitness/training-exercise/exercise>

Are you injured and need assistance to get back in the fight?

Visit: http://hprc-online.org/physical-fitness/rehab <http://hprc-online.org/physical-fitness/rehab>

Do you need assistance with your nutrition?

Visit: http://hprc-online.org/nutrition <http://hprc-online.org/nutrition>

Tobacco Cessation Resources (to include 24/7 text couseling):
< https://www.hnfs.com/content/hnfs/home/tw/bene/wellness/hlsmokecess.html >

Are your dietary supplements or energy drinks safe?

Visit: https://www.opss.org/ <https://www.opss.org/>

Sharepoint page: - https://eim.amc.af.mil/org/92mdg/default.aspx

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/92MDG/

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