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Thursday, January 28, 2021
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We need your help! The Red Morgan Community Center is temporarily closed for an upgrade. The offices have moved into the 610 North Depot Building joining the following organizations:

Red Morgan Community Center
Food Pantry
Private Orgs
Thrift Shop
Airmen's Attic
Boomers - Airmen's Lounge (VR, Video games, pool, virtual golf, TV's, arcade games, etc.)

We need your help to name this new entity and give it some branding!! So let's have some FUN with it. Go to our the Fairchildfun Facebook page:

Find this post:



Enter your name ideas and you could win a $40 Amazon Gift Card.You have until EOD Friday, January 29 to give us your best ideas. We will then post the top ideas for you to vote on your favorite.

Thanks to our Sponsors: Northern Quest Resort & Casino, Global Credit Union, and USAA. #fairchildfun #fairchildFUNaddict #FairchildLocal #NorthernQuest #Globulcu #USAA @NorthernQuest @Globalcu @USAA. No Federal endorsement of sponsor intended.

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