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How we work

We won’t sell you anything.

First, we want to talk with you about your budget and business goals. This allows us to put together a plan customized just for you. Our goal is to serve you and create a long-lasting, prosperous partnership.

Step 1

Book an exploration call

We’ll learn more about your business, your current marketing/sales activities and understand your goals.

Step 2

Review our game plan
We’ll walk you through a custom-tailored strategy that aligns advertising and sponsorship opportunities at Fairchild with your objectives.

Step 3

Sign-off & Kick-off
You get back to focusing on running your business while we focus on growing your business to our unique military demographic. Let’s start by connecting …

Ready to grow?
Let’s Chat!

Sponsorship Inquiry
Get in touch and ask your question first or schedule a Exploratory Call!

Call Us: (509) 247 - 1802

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