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Start Your Career with the Air Force at Fairchild is the official website for all civilian job opportunities at Fairchild. We are currently posting for jobs that have NEW incentives:

  • Pay that has just been adjusted for inflation
  • Offer FREE and discounted child care to the employee
  • Offer substantial Hiring and Retention bonus's

To make things easier, we created this guide to get you started on your career path right now!

What's The Process?

Discover the process when applying for a government civilian job.

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Search for all kinds of jobs with new jobs posted weekly. 

Be the One to Change the World

We are
Civilian Strong

Fairchild Air Force Base is the largest refueling base in the world. Home to the nation’s premiere air refueling team, we provide agile combat support across the full range of military operations.

But did you know it takes hundreds of civilians to keep Fairchild Air Force Base powerful and effective? We are more than 700 strong.

Working shoulder to shoulder with the men and women in uniform, we are a force to be reckoned with—keeping Fairchild ready for action, ready for anything.

Advantages to Working at Fairchild

Fairchild is a self-contained community providing every kind of service: child-care, shopping, entertainment, recreation, and more. You will quickly see how close-knit our community is. We often talk of the ‘sense of family’ that we all feel working on base. People look out for one another, and they offer support, encouragement, and friendship. At your disposal are: base-wide events, activities, programs, a library, movie theater and entertainment, gas station, parks, recreation areas, ball fields and a state-of-the-art Fitness Center.


Work Life Balance

Be Part of the Team

As part of Team Fairchild, we expect you to “work to live” not “live to work.” Maintaining a balance between your professional and personal responsibilities is vital to your happiness and your professional success. You may have opportunities for work schedules that are not only predictable, but flexible. A 40-hour work week may be the norm, but it doesn’t always have to be 9 to 5.

Civilian Career

The perfect Job is the one that makes you happy!

Start your Career

As a Fairchild civilian employee, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that, if an emergency arises, there are flexibilities to allow you to take time to handle your personal and family needs. Personal and family leave are parts of the generous overall leave package you will enjoy that includes holidays, vacation, and sick time. And you can even save up unused sick leave for unforeseen emergencies.

Fairchild takes care of its people. We want you to enjoy a long and prosperous career with us, so we do what it takes to keep a positive balance between life and work.


Federal Benefits

Create a Strong Future

Most federal careers are renowned for their exceptional employment benefits, and a civilian career at Fairchild is no different. Our health insurance program is a nationally recognized model that offers you choice and flexibility, as well as a substantial employer contribution to premiums, and your share of out-of-pocket costs can be paid with pretax dollars.

Civilian Career

Be an employee with benefits!

Plan for Retirement

You will also be able to choose among several options for life insurance coverage for both you and your family and have the option to participate in the largest group long-term care insurance program in the country.
Our three-part retirement program includes a Social Security benefit, a 401(k)-type plan, and a defined benefit component based on years of employment and salary history.
All of these benefits are what we call “portable,” meaning that whatever benefits you accrue with us will transfer to other federal agencies if you decide to leave Fairchild. Furthermore, if your career choices take you to the private sector, those benefits will largely remain intact should you return to employment with AFCS or any other federal agency.

Not all positions include benefits, it will depend on the job of your choice.


Professional Growth

Grow as You Go

To help you on your way to a rewarding and exciting career, Fairchild Civilian Careers offers extensive educational opportunities including on-site training, the chance to attend educational events and programs around the world, and even tuition reimbursement and funding for advanced degrees.

Civilian Career

The Perfect Job is the one that Helps you Soar!

Never Stop Learning

To help in planning your career, you will have access to extensive career path planning tools and guidance.

As you grow with your position, your career can take you places you never imagined with abundant opportunities to expand your skill sets and put them to work at more than 80 locations in the U.S. and overseas. We hire the very best, and we not only want to keep you, we want you to keep getting better.


Diversity & Inclusion

We Value You!

Fairchild Civilian Careers values the strength that comes from our diverse perspectives and abilities and from our different backgrounds and experiences. This is essential to our creativity and success.

Civilian Career

Strength in Diversity

Find a Happier Workplace

We rely on inspired thinking from any and every member of our team and cultivate multicultural viewpoints, varied education, and life experiences to fuel innovation in every field of operation essential to the Fairchild mission. Success is assured when everyone contributes.



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