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    Have Fun with UNITE!

UNITE Program

UNITE events benefit all Airmen in your unit – Active AF, Reserve and Civilian (appropriated and non-appropriated employees) that are directly assigned to the squadron. NEW this year, family members are now able to participate in Unite activities.

Host Your UNITE Event

To receive UNITE funds, which cover activity fees and recreational activities as well as a food allowance, Squadron Commanders or their designated UNITE POCs must complete the 4 easy steps below. Your Fairchild UNITE Team will assist you with the planning, development, and coordination of UNITE events whether on or off the installation. There are APF and NAF funds available for approved events.

  • $13.50* / person allowance for recreation activities including equipment rentals, and participation costs for a unit.
  • $5.00 / person for food to enhance recreation activities.
  • Event Request Forms are accepted from 1 Jan 2023 through 15 December 2023.
  • This deadline is for events occurring no later than 31 December 2023. It is recommended to submit all Event Proposal Forms 30 days prior to your event date but required no later than 7 business days prior.

*Funds may not be used for holiday parties. Additional restrictions apply. See your POC. 

4 Easy Steps:


Complete a UNITE POC Appointment Letter & POC Training

Squadron Commanders will appoint squadron Unite POC(s). The POC is the only person who can submit or make changes for event. Squadron POC's must be trained annually prior to requesting funds.


Complete an Event Proposal Form

Prepare and route event requests with details for your event.

Email completed documents to the Fairchild UNITE Program C3
John Smith

or call 509-247-8260.


Prepare for Four Event

Once the event is approved by AFSVC, confirm the date and time with the venue/vendors, and the coordinate date and time to purchase food with your Community Cohesion Coordinator (C3).


Have fun at your event and Complete After Action Report

After your event is over you will complete an After Action Report Form, signed by your unit commander, and return to the C3 with a minimum of 5 photos within 5 business days after your event.

Need Ideas for Your UNITE Event?

On-Base Event Ideas

Stay tuned! This list is going to be expanding in early 2023!

  • Squadron Picnic / Sports Day

  • Traditional burger burn

  • Corn Hole tournaments

  • Softball

  • Frisbee Golf

  • Bouncy House

  • Face Painting

  • Wall Climbing

  • Pancake Breakfast

  • Breakfast Burrito Feed with activities

  • BBQ with burger alternatives (such as chicken, pulled pork, ribs, etc).

  • Boat Rentals via ODR

Off-Base Event Ideas

No Federal Endorsement is Implied.

  • Wonderland
  • Triple Play
  • Pattison’s North Roller Rink
  • Eagles Ice Arena
  • Laser Maxx
  • Go Kart Racing
  • Dirt Kart
  • Fast Kart Indoor Speedway
  • Golf
  • Northern Quest Resort & Casino
  • Escape Rooms
  • Axe Throwing

  • Jumping Jackalope
  • Heber Hatchets

  • Axe Force One

  • Target Shooting (Indoor Shooting Range)
  • Center Target – Post Falls
  • Landt Farms Sporting Clays – Nine Mile Falls

  • CDA Rifle and Pistol Club – Atlas Rd, CDA

  • Mountain Biking
  • Do-It-Yourself - Fishing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Clear Lake Resort

  • Lakes and Rivers Everywhere
  • Boat Rentals
  • Skiiing/Snowboarding
  • Ski Resorts within 3 hours: - 49 Degrees North - Mt Spokane - Silver Mountain - Schweitzer
  • Water Parks: - Silver Mountain - Triple Play - South Hill
  • Paintball
  • Flatstick Pub
  • Local Sports Teams

Volunteer Program Events

Can be enhanced with a food options
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Local Area Shelters
  • VA Hospital
  • Beautification/Clean-up Projects

Food Options

According to the UNITE Program policy, you can do an activity w/o having food, but you cannot have food w/o an activity. Although this is the policy, think outside the box. You can have your meal at a separate time during the day than during your activity. For example, On Wingman Day have a breakfast burrito feed in the morning, get your mandatory training or commanders calls out of the way, and then do your activity in the afternoon. Or, go rock wall climbing during the day, and afterward, everyone goes to a pizza parlor for a meal.

  • Purchase food from Commissary or other grocery store and make your own (BBQ, Picnic, etc.)
  • Purchase Pre-Made food from On or Off Base Company
  • Commissary Deli
  • Alder House
  • Pizza (Alder House, Dominoes, Pizza Hut, etc)
  • Deli Sandwiches (Commissary, Subway, Jimmie Johns, Sandwich Platters, etc.)

Additional Information

Unite events are classified into different categories


Assigned Active Duty, Reserve, and APF/NAF Civilians. Family members may participate.

Why Unite?

We are the 92 FSS Unite program. Our goals are to support SQ leaders, maximize use of FSS facilities, measure impact, and provide maximum flexibility to SQ commanders. You an use this program for any of the following reasons:

  • Develop a new skill or competency
  • Improve physical fitness
  • Increase esprit de corps, comradory, or moral
  • Promote interaction between unit members
  • Provide an opportunity for fun or relaxation
  • Reinforce peer, squadron, or AF corps values
  • Work on team-building exercise
Unit Developed Events (UDE)

Squadron leaders are given the discretion to create UDPs that capitalize on opportunities available in the local area. UDPs require prior approval through the Air Force Services Activity (AFSVA) and may take up to 30 days.


Charitable work provides a cost-effective team building activity that allows co-workers to see each other in a new light and can make a significant impact in your community. Free events do not need approval, but we still need to capture the information.

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