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The solution for STAYING fit

Welcome to Commit to be Fit 2.0. What began as a fully online diet and fitness program during COVID-19 has evolved along with the latest advances in exercise science, human performance, sport psychology and wellness. Our goal then and now is to help you improve your health and fitness so that you can live your best life.

Before beginning this, or any workout, you should consult with your physician.

TRACK Your Progress

Accountability helps you stay focused. There are two ways to track your progress.

  • At the Fitness Center front desk, get a Commit to Be Fit 2.0 Punch card. Have it punched for every workout you complete. Turn your card in and pick up a new one each month.

  • Use your favorite apps to track your progress and then report it here on the Fitness Log (below).

Your Fitness Log


This is a self-directed process. We do not care how you exercise. You can choose from the workouts you find on this page or create your own. It's your choice! 


John Gahagan, and the Fitness Team, have helped thousands of people reach their fitness goals. This program is the product of years of boots-on-the-ground experience with one goal: to help you commit to be fit! 

Here is a booklet for those of you who like to hold things in your hand. It's 17 pages of great material to keep you focused to achieve SUCCESS!

Download 'Mission Fit'

We suggest that you download 'Mission Fit' an Air Force exercise app that provides a 12-week program of exercise routines, along with a library of 90+ exercises with detailed instructions including video, images, and textual description. The app guides users through workout routines by navigating workout weeks, days, and exercise routine instructions. It's terrific; give it a try.

Earn 3 kinds of AWARDS

Each Punch card and Fitness Log you submit is tracked by Fitness Center Staff.

Challenge Coin for all the Challenges (below) you complete.

5K Pins for every Fitness 5K you complete.

Workout Buttons for each month you complete your workouts.

Check the Leader Board at the Fitness Center and see everyone's progress!

Workout to WIN Monthly Prizes

Each month your name is entered for a chance to win the following:

  • MAY

    Slick Rock Tanning: Free Float Pass

    $10 Dutch Bros Gift Card

    $25 Born Primitive Apparel Gift Card

    2 Tickets to Village Center Cinemas in Mead

  • JUNE

    Free Single Class:BeYoutiful Hot Yoga Gift Card

    $25 Born Primitive Apparel Gift Card

  • JULY

    Slick Rock Tanning: 7-Day Trial Pass

    $15 Roam Roasters Gift Card


    $10 Dutch Bros Gift Card

    $25 Born Primitive Apparel Gift Card


    $25 Commisary Gift Card

    Free Single Class: BeYoutiful Hot Yoga


    $50 Billie's Diner Gift Card

    Free Single Class: BeYoutiful Hot Yoga Gift Card


    Slick Rock Tanning: Free Float Pass

    $10 Dutch Bros Gift Card


    $10 Dutch Bros Gift Card

    $25 Born Primitive Apparel Gift Card

    Free Single Class BeYoutiful Hot Yoga

    Slick Rock Tanning: 7-Day Trial Pass

    La Rive Spa at Northern Quest Signature Massage Gift Card

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Building your own workout!

Read the US Government suggested guidelines (Click to Expand)
  • 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week (30 minutes on each of five days).
  • This program is built around three workouts a week.

If you're just beginning your fitness journey, start slowly and gradually add more time and intensity:

  • Start with 25-35 minute workouts that include a warm-up (to get your heart rate up) and a cool-down (to bring your heart rate down).
  • During any workout, you should always be able to hold a conversation. If you cannot, slow it down.

You choose your reps and sets by your level of fitness. Always begin with the lowest level of repetition and add to it as you master the exercise.

  • Reps refer to how many times you repeat an exercise (8 - 10 reps to start)
  • Sets are groups of exercise reps (3 - 5 sets of 8 - 10 reps to start)

But take it slow and listen to your body.

Understanding your level of fitness is important. It will help you to avoid injury and to progress to more intense exercise. The real difference between one level and the next is experience, knowledge, intensity, and time spent achieving fitness goals. Understanding your body and how it performs exercises is how you are able to progress.

Please, review the following for your fitness level and be sure to always take it slow and steady.

Good Technique

  • Stand tall
  • Chin level
  • Look ahead of you (not down at your feet)
  • Chest-up
  • Shoulders back and down  (not hunched under your ears)
  • Toes straight ahead

Always Breathe

Breathing helps you through any activity. It helps to keep your blood pressure in the normal range.

  • Exhale on the lift, push or pull (through the mouth)
  • Inhale on the release (through the nose)

Counting your reps helps you to keep breathing. You can't hold your breath when you are talking.

Resting Between Sets

Recovery is important as you workout. The more advanced your workout the more important your recovery time.

  • If your goal is to tone, lose weight or increase endurance, rest 20 - 60 seconds between sets.
  • If your goal is to build strength, rest 2-5 minutes between sets.

Fitness Challenges

These coins are designed to award you for workouts you are already doing. Use the Fitness Log above to report your workouts and the Fitness Staff will keep track and reward you! It's that easy!

Climb-On Challenge

Elevation gain of 5,886 feet.

True Pioneer Challenge

Complete 300 Miles.

Trail Buster Challenge

Complete 1200 miles.

Settlers Challenge

Complete 60 miles.

5K Endurance Challenge

Complete 6 Fitness Center
5k Runs

On Demand Workout Challenge

Complete 12 workouts!

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