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    To deliver unparalleled educational advocacy, outreach, and partnerships for military-connected students around the globe!

School Liaison

The Air Force School Liaison Office (SLO) helps parents ease the impact of the mobile military lifestyle on their children. The SLO provides information prior to a move, upon arrival, and while stationed at an installation. One of the important roles of the School Liaison is to connect families, schools, and the military community in order to facilitate the educational transition and academic experience of military children.

Meet Steve McMullen

Student Liaison

I'm the 92 FSS Child & Youth Education Services (CYES) School Liaison at Fairchild AFB. My commitment to you is creating real-time solutions for your child as an advocate between your family and the local school districts.

Fairchild AFB, School Liaison
7 W. Arnold St., Suite B3
Fairchild AFB, WA. 99011


If you are looking to find the right school district for your child in the midst of house-hunting, HHG delivery, and living out of a suitcase, check out some of these resources:
- Visit 'Niche' to help you research your decision:
- Visit MCC if you need to register your child for care in the CDC and the School Age Program:
- Visit OSPI- Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction to look up specific data or “report cards” on each Washington state school:

Please check out some of the forms and our "Handbook for Parents of School-Age Children" under the "Downloads" tab! This guide contains a wealth of information about local schools and Washington state-specific guidance.

Teachers Important Information

School Liaison

Where is Fairchild AFB?

Fairchild is located on the West Plains in Eastern Washington.

What does Fairchild do?
Fairchild’s mission is to deliver rapid global mobility. We are an air refueling wing.
What is a Deployment?
All branches send people to different parts of the world to conduct missions. Generally, these last from 4 months to a year or longer.
What is a remote tour?
A remote tour is generally a yearlong and is a tour of duty in an area where the family can not accompany the military member.
What is a PCS?
A PCS is a permanent change of station. The military member gets orders to report to a new duty station.
Fairchild AFB Resources for Military Support

Off Base Resources and Contact Info for Military Support:
Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission:
Military Child Education Coalition:
Military One Source:
Fairchild Family Support: Military & Family Readiness Center
Installation information for moves:
Department of Defense Education Activity:
Military Kids Connect:
Bluestar Families:
PennState school resources for military families:
The Military Family Research Institute at Purdue:

I am the School Liaison at Fairchild. It’s my job to help you and the military child in your classroom. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me for support:
Steve McMullen
Fairchild AFB, School Liaison
7 W. Arnold St., Suite B3
Fairchild AFB, WA. 99011
Direct line: 509-247-2559

Parents Important Information

School Liasion

Parents Important Information

Welcome! At Fairchild, the School Liaison services provide our military families with a wide variety of resources to help facilitate educational transitions for your student. We want to assist parents with the local school systems, procedures, policies, and schedules. We help with education transition-related resources and points of contact within the school and community. And we are also able to assist with student registration at the preferred school.

To help make the transition easier for the student, we provide opportunities for membership in youth organizations and connecting youth through sponsorship, outreach events, and various action councils.

We encourage relationships between our military families, schools, and local communities by helping everyone to better understand the challenges of military life. This creates a real partnership between Fairchild, our families, the community, schools, and local businesses.

School districts have a chain of command similar to the military. We suggest you try to solve any problems at the lowest level possible. If you have a problem, here are some thoughts to resolve it:
1. Talk with your School Liaison for district and state contact information.
2. Talk with the teacher.
3. Talk with the Principal.
4. Talk with the Director of Teaching and Learning.
5. Talk with the Superintendent.
6. Talk with the State Ombudsman.

For issues with credit transfers from one state to another and IEP transfers, here’s a successful path forward:
1. Look at the Military Interstate Compact: 
2. Contact the School Liaison at 509-247-2246

Washington State has a compulsory attendance and truancy law. The law is called the Becca Bill. If your child has a lot of unexcused absences there may be consequences. Some of the consequences could be court proceedings in Juvenile Court.

1. In some situations, the Military Interstate Compact can help. Contact the School Liaison for information at 509-247-2246

2. Look at the law surrounding truancy and attendance

3. Contact your local school district and talk with them about your situation.

For issues surrounding your child's IEP or 504, here’s a plan to consider:
1. Educate yourself on special education law. This is a good place to start
2. Get an advocate to attend the IEP or 504 meeting with you. Contact the School Liaison or EFMP-FS for information at 509-247-2246
3. Bring someone with you to the meeting to take notes.

If your child is struggling academically you may need a tutor. Here are some ideas to help your student.
1. is free for the military to utilize. 
2. The Khan Academy is a great resource for parents and students. This is also FREE. 
3. You can contact the local universities' Education Department for some leads on tutors.
4. Sylvan Learning Center can provide help for your student. They are a for-profit business so you will pay for services. Sylvan Learning Phone 509-963-1308


FAQ's for Parents

Washington is a FREE educational choice state. If you want to choose another district you may but there are some things you need to know!
1. You will, as the parent, provide your transportation.
2. You must first be accepted into the NEW district. You will need to fill out a “choice” form.

Important Tips for Parents:

Do not pack important items with your household goods. Keep these items with you at all times.
Your child’s school records
Your child’s immunization records
Last report card and IEP or 504
Unofficial transcript
Course descriptions
Pictures of textbook covers.

This is what your School Liaison can do for you!

I work with you and your family to find the best fit for public, private, charter, virtual or homeschooled educational settings for your child. 

  • Connecting schools, families and communities to meet the unique needs of PreK-12 military-connected students

  • Cultivate communication pathways between families, schools, community stakeholders and the military

  • Customize real-time solutions for military-connected students facing transitional barriers and educational gaps

  • Collaborate with community stakeholders to build a platform for enhanced educational opportunities and partnerships

  • Comprehensive professional development for educators to understand the military lifestyle

  • Construct a network of extensive resources for building resilient communities

  • Create a system of support for military-connected students experiencing parental deployment or separation

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School Liaison

7 W. Arnold, Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington 99011


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