Private & Unofficial Organizations

A Private Organization (PO) is a self-sustaining special interest group; set up by people acting exclusively outside the scope of any official capacity they may have in the federal government. POs are not federal entities and are not to be treated as such. PO assets are monies and property in a PO or in its custody. These come from donations, dues, payments, or other receipts and may not be misused or combined with NAFI assets. Unofficial activities with limited assets (under $1,000) are exempted from establishing a formal PO. A PO should make a positive contribution in terms of morale or service to installation personnel. Membership eligibility should be limited primarily to members of the DOD family. These groups can operate on Fairchild AFB with permission of the Mission Support Group Commander (MSG). 92 Force Support Squadron is located at 7 W Arnold in Bldg 2040. Oversight authority has been delegated to this squadron to ensure that PO’s comply with Air Force Instruction (AFI) 34-223.

Private Organizations

There are two types of private organizations:

INFORMAL: This type does not need MSG Commander approval. Maintains less than $1,000 monthly average over a 3-month period and the operation is very “informal”.

FORMAL: Requires MSG Commander approval, must fulfill all AFI 34-223 requirements, and maintains more than $1000, a monthly average over a 3 month period.

Unofficial Organizations & Requests

Unofficial Organizations can be small operations/activities such as booster clubs, coffee, and flower funds.

Snack bars within break areas are allowed. Inventory must be kept at less than $1,000 and proceeds can only go to sustain the snack bar. They are not open to the public and must be registered as an unofficial activity.

Fundraising campaigns within the Air force come in two official forms: (CFC and AFAF) and 1 official food drive (Feds Feeding Families). Other than these three events, all fundraising and drives on base can only be conducted by private or unofficial organizations that are in good standing.



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